Monday, April 18, 2011

Blog Post #10: The Dependence on Technology

Why has technology become such a big part of our lives? We are dealing with technology in school, the work force and in our own personal lives. What has caused it to become such an intricate factor that affects our everyday lives? I'm going to break down our dependence on technology and in the different areas that we use it: school, at work and for our own personal lives.
There has been a growing dependency on technology in the classrooms across America. It has been proven that technology in classrooms causes students to be more motivated when it comes to learning new material. Furthermore, laptops, computers and Smart boards have created different outlets for teachers to make teaching an easier and more innovative process. The amount of technology exposure that students get at schools is beneficial to them because it makes them better trained for learning new programs when it comes to their professional careers.
This leads me to the next topic of using technology at work. More and more employers are looking for employees who know how to work with different computers programs. This is important to a company because these computer programs and technology in general provides for more efficiency and greater organization. Instead of a secretary writing down appointments and keeping filing cabinets overflowing with records and information, he or she can now keep everything conveniently assessable on a laptop. Keeping everything organized at work obviously creates a more stress-free environment because everything runs more smoothly.
Lastly, technology has become an intricate part of our personal lives. It has become an outlet for many people to share their emotions, let the world know what is going on in their lives and a way for people to stay connected with family and friends. These social outlets are ways that you can stay in touch with people even if you don't see them as much. Wherever we are in life, it seems as if technology is making an impact on our lives and we are becoming more and more dependent on what it has to offer.


  1. I agree with your points but another reason could be the ease with which we can get information. Rather than having to look something up in a book or ask an expert we can simply search the internet. I think this is a huge point of appeal as well as your idea of organization. I think you are right that technology has become alot more prominent recently in classrooms and work environments. For better or worse it's here to stay.

  2. The ease of access to modern technology does provide a great deal of convenience in our lives. I do worry about what happens when we become TOO dependent on technology. Who knows? We may be digitizing our way to extinction..

  3. All the points you've made are so true. I remember when my high school first got SmartBoards. We were all amazed by how cool the new technology is and now it's very rare to find a classroom without one. It's interesting that you brought up the workplace because it makes me think of my dad. I've had to teach him everything from how to use the scroll pad on a laptop, to skype, to just basic Internet. It's pretty amusing and I'm glad that our generation won't be lost in the new technology of the future...hopefully!

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